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A brief bio...

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and moved to New York when I was 17 to go to college. I had never been there, I didn't know anyone there, but ever since I was six or seven years old I had known that I would live in New York someday. And--apart from a year traveling through Central Asia, and five years in Boston, where I worked as a sound recordist--New York has been my home ever since; first Manhattan, where I went to school and then worked in Eli Wilentz's 8th Street Bookshop (where the plum job, especially on a spring afternoon, was to personally deliver--on foot--book orders to neighborhood customers), and now, for many years, Brooklyn.

I like extremes of place: big, international cities or isolated, undeveloped areas of any kind--woods, mountains, deserts, beaches. But if I'm just taking a short trip, I like any place I've never been before.

Selected Works

Biography; Nonfiction; Sports
The definitive portrait of the greatest filly in thoroughbred racing, and of the people and politics that shaped her brilliant, tragic career.
Set in the rooftop world of the Brooklyn pigeon-flyers, where the beauty and freedom of the skies offers a sharp contrast to the narrowness and violence of the streets, Caught is the story of an unusual friendship that develops between a ten-year-old girl and a grown man.
Here are a few of the poems that I'm collecting into a book.
A humorous self-help grammar book for adults.

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